Thursday, May 6, 2010

Having Fun

Last weekend we finally made it up to a Mariners game. Zachy had a wonderful time running up and down the stairs and playing with all the other kids in the sweet.
Zachary sporting his Mariners jersey and looking so old :)
Last week we were able to get several loads of rock dumped on our property, so Brandon and Zachary spent hours spreading it all out. Zachary and Brandon bother enjoy playing on the big equipment together.
He is such a little helper!!! We were suppose to be making cookies for our visitors, but I think Zachary ate most of the cookie doe before I could cook the cookies. He definitely has a sweet tooth.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Heppner Trip

This past weekend we went on a 4-wheeling trip to Heppner. Zachy was in heaven the entire trip. What more could a little boy ask for; 4-wheeling in the woods with mom and dad!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Hospital Visit

Two little happy clams:)
The last couple of weeks Auntie Nicole has been in the hospital recovering from surgery. She has been doing a lot better and should be aloud to head home any day now. While at the hospital visiting Zachy and Cailyn loved to take rides in the wheel chair. Papa Dan couldn't wheel them around fast enough.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Monster Truck Show

Last weekend the family made a trip up to the Monster Truck Show. Ellie loved all the yummy food and could really care less about the trucks. At first Zach didn't really know what to think about the loud trucks, but when they started the free style he really got excited! I'm not really sure if it was a good idea showing Zach how big trucks can crush little trucks because now he is taking his battery powerd 4-wheeler and running over all of his small trucks and cars. At first I could figure out why he was doing that, then my dad reminded me where he got the idea from :)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Where did the month of December go??? Once again time is flying!

Zachary loved Santa, but Cailyn on the other hand could have done without having to sit on his lap.Zach's new buddy!
Cousin Ellie and Zach looking so innocent after getting in trouble by Papa Ron.

Zach helping Daddy wash his truck in the bitter cold
Spending time on the four wheeler with Papa and cousin Cailyn

Our very "exciting" trip to Zoo Lights with cousin Maci

Friday, October 16, 2009

Hundred Miles An Hour

The last couple months have flown by. We have been going hundred miles an hour and enjoying every minute. Zach is growing up way to fast and becoming a little dare devil. I can say for sure that he does not have a only fear of heights. He thoroughly enjoys climbing up on things and balancing on the edge. I think he may be trying to give me a heart attack. We now have to keep our dining room table chairs up on the dining room table because Zach has figured out that he can pull them out and climb up on top of the table. (Which is at bar level:))

Beach four wheeling trip!

A couple weeks ago Auntie Des and Granny Jeanette took Zach to the Portland Zoo!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Crazy Summer

This summer has been absolutely crazy... Every weekend we have been on the go! The weekend after Zachs Birthday party we went to the Beach. On the 4th of July we went camping up at the river with the Fam. The following weekend Brandon and I had an adult trip over to Sumpter for some 4-wheeling. Last weekend we went back up to the River and enjoyed the hot weather and this weekend we are headed back to the River for the entire week. We should definitely get all of our camping out of our system. Good thing Zachy loves being outside and getting dirty:)